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Seth ([personal profile] brightwings) wrote2017-04-24 11:31 am

quick & dirty journal list

[community profile] spellbinders
Mikleo ([personal profile] oneandmikleonly) | Tales of Zestiria
Vern ([personal profile] rootbound) | OC

[community profile] subnautica
Mikleo ([personal profile] oneandmikleonly) | Tales of Zestiria

[community profile] halloweentown
Mikleo ([personal profile] oneandmikleonly) | Tales of Zestiria

[community profile] aather
Mithos Yggdrasil ([personal profile] antreegonist) | Tales of Symphonia
Seth Nightlord ([personal profile] aprettygirl) | Trinity Blood
Mint ([personal profile] domintation) | Threads of Fate
Timi ([personal profile] reachforthesky) | Timi, the Tale of a Griffin
Waver Velvet ([personal profile] adropintheocean) | Fate/Zero
The Firebird (Helena) ([personal profile] alltheworldsachoice) | NPC
Cheshire Cat ([personal profile] nyappetite) | NPC
The Magic Fish ([personal profile] wishuponafish) | NPC
The Snow Queen ([personal profile] enticements) | NPC
Dream (Liam) ([personal profile] quitplayinggames) | NPC

[community profile] shhshh
Waver Velvet ([personal profile] adropintheocean) | Fate/Zero

[ profile] campfuckudie
Kusajishi Yachiru ([ profile] death_backpack) | Bleach
Fukiya Yuma ([ profile] wonderlandstyle) | Yami no Matsuei
Kami-sama ([ profile] yegodlesschild) | Saiyuki
Cielo ([ profile] beatdownblue) | Digital Devil Saga
Thomas ([ profile] lastle_cord) | Suikoden III
Tachibana Shito ([ profile] mistalonely) | Zombie-Loan
Timi ([ profile] thepiesthelimit) | Timi: The Tale of a Griffin
Antubis ([ profile] seemesolid) | Kingdom Hospital
Jenna Angel ([ profile] watchesovoreyou) | Digital Devil Saga
Presea Combatir ([ profile] madamaxeman) | Tales of Symphonia
Nyanko-sensei v.1 ([ profile] spiritsrfinetoo) | Natsume Yuujinchou
Fou-Lu ([ profile] impotentate) | Breath of Fire IV
Honlon([ profile] beastriality) | Petshop of Horrors
Ashton Anchors ([ profile] tripleteaming) | Star Ocean EX
Artemis ([ profile] overrules) | Gods Behaving Badly
Nyanko-sensei v.2 ([ profile] nyatsumeee) | Natsume Yuujinchou
Iskierka ([ profile] allyourcows) | Temeraire
Albert Silverberg ([ profile] noarmyatmyback) | Suikoden III
Seth Nightlord ([ profile] papillondejade) | Trinity Blood
Mithos Yggdrasil ([ profile] holysiscon) | Tales of Symphonia
Kururu ([ profile] bornemyoaths) | 07-Ghost
Anise Tatlin ([ profile] ofortunistic) | Tales of the Abyss
Momozono Nanami ([ profile] ohderegod) | Kamisama Hajimemashita

[ profile] microcosm_rp
Centurion Tenebrae ([ profile] dorkness_falls) | Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Akitsu ([ profile] rosemaryandrime) | Sekirei

[ profile] comorbidities
"Falling Star" Taisou ([ profile] flamingdick) | Akaboshi: Ibun Suikoden
Cain Knightlord ([ profile] illmadenight) | Trinity Blood

Martel Yggdrasil ([ profile] your_treesus) | Tales of Symphonia
Roog ([ profile] dis_tractable) | Suikoden V
Lymsleia Barows ([ profile] luserbrother) | Suikoden V
Mithos Yggdrasil ([personal profile] leafmealone) | Tales of Symphonia (LJ port)
Albert Silverberg ([personal profile] endsjustified) | Suikoden III (LJ port)
Ershin & Deis ([personal profile] 0v0) | Breath of Fire IV
Ashton Anchors ([personal profile] doubledragoned) | Star Ocean EX
Iskierka ([personal profile] bajkaiskierki) | Temeraire
Mikleo ([personal profile] flowofhistory) | Tales of Zestiria
Nyanko-sensei ([personal profile] spiritednyaway) | Natsume Yuujinchou
Himemiya Anthy ([personal profile] thatwhichrose) | Revolutionary Girl Utena
BEL/S ([personal profile] firethatprotects) | Open Sorcery
Magilou ([personal profile] shitposturing) | Tales of Berseria

Antonio de Borgia y Borgia ([ profile] gayhandgestures) | Trinity Blood
Gelda Nebilim ([ profile] lvl45healer) | Tales of the Abyss
Dist the Rose ([ profile] sitonitandspin) | Tales of the Abyss
Botta ([ profile] kharlan_tea) | Tales of Symphonia

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